The unemployment rate in Kenya is high: >40%. Certainly for people who live in the slums. Work means income. And that means mothers can take care of themselves and their children. In a stable home environment with a roof above their heads, food on the table and access to medical help, children can concentrate on their schoolwork. That’s important to us. Therefore we have started employment projects. Next to a financial purpose, it also has a social purpose and gives the women confidence.

Jewellery workshop 

The biggest employment project from Stichting4Life is the jewellery workplace. Depending on the order book, between 12 and 125 women work in jewellery production. The women earn a fair wage. The jewellery is handmade and available on www.sieraden4life.nl

The workplace is also equipped with sewing machines, which are used to make Kikoy towels.

School staff

Stichting4Life finances the salaries of dozens of people who work at the schools in the slums. The headmasters, teachers, night guards and chefs are paid a fair wage to provide high quality and safe education.


When mothers or guardians of the children that go to our schools, don’t work at the jewellery workplace, they can participate in one of the microcredit projects. At every school a microcredit project is launched. First parents learn to save money. If all goes well, they make a business plan. After approval they are trained. Credits are not given to individuals, but only to groups. The small-scale business activities from the mothers are supervised at every school. Next to trainings, the mothers regularly come to meetings to share experiences. Due to this approach the new entrepreneurs are relatively successful. The repayment percentage after 12 months is more than 90%!