Sponsor a project

for € 5,- / € 10,- / € 15,- monthly or one time

Stichting4Life supports several education projects at three primary schools, another primary school at a nursery and two high schools. The parents contribute to the costs, but it’s never enough. These schools are always in need of materials, lunch and educated teachers. They also need toilets, good hygienic conditions and of course drinking water.

Ways you can help:

  • Daily lunch for one class for a month
  • Daily lunch for one class for a year
  • School furniture
  • Clean water for a school
  • Salary for a teacher
  • Schoolbooks
  • Reading books as an extra for the children (library)

Employment projects

Besides education, we also work on employment projects for the mothers/parents of the children. We started a jewellery workshop, but parents can also participate in microcredit projects at several schools. How would you like to help?

  • Microcredit for a family:
  • Sewing machine in sewing workshop:
  • Furniture for workshop: