Further Education and Development

After completing secondary education, it is important for these children to be able to take the next step. As already indicated, education is not the goal but the means to help these children towards a better future and to break the cycle of poverty. There are several opportunities for these young people, but it has been found that they themselves are not sufficiently informed and guided in these steps. Going to university is the ultimate goal (for everyone in Kenya), but that is only for few.

In 2021, we partnered with a vocational training center where students can receive vocational training. Students from our high school can “apply” to one of these advanced training programs. The first students have already been able to secure jobs!

Professional Skills Center – vocational training

  • Taking steps after completing secondary education
  • Getting ready for a job and business
  • Collaboration with a vocational training center where 25-40 students can go each year

Training Rock & Water

Good preparation for society presupposes good education, but also support in social-emotional development. That is why Stichting4Life and the Rock and Water Institute have joined forces. In 2018, Master Trainers Klaas van der Veen and Harriette Modderman trained 40 teachers as Rock and Water Trainers pro bono. In the meantime, 1,000 children have received Rock and Water training from these teachers.

The next step took place in 2019 and Klaas and Harriette provided Advanced Training to already certified Rock and Water trainers, trained new teachers and advised teachers during providing the training to the students (coaching on the job). A repeat took place in 2020 and there was a lot of training with the teachers at the workplaces themselves. For more information about the Rock and Water Program see www.rotsenwater.nl