After completing elementary school, it is important for students to be able to move on to secondary education. In Kenya, through elementary (primary) school results, students are invited by secondary schools to attend their schools. However, the fees that have to be paid are unaffordable for most people in the slums. Since 2009, the foundation has supported a secondary school for girls (lunch program). Girls have less opportunity for education in countries like Kenya, so encouraging that is very good. When the first students graduated from “our” elementary school, it became clear that boys should also have this opportunity. In 2014, with the help of sponsor ALLSAFE Mini Storage, we started the first class of our own secondary school – for both girls and boys. In the years that followed, the school continued to expand with higher classes and now there are 4 classes. We support both the building, all materials, teachers and lunch. The first classes took their final exams and the results were good!

ALLSAFE Secondary School – secondary school

  • Secondary school specially set up for girls and boys coming from the earlier mentioned primary schools
  • Started with 1 class, now 4 classes with 160 students
  • Well-trained and educated teachers
  • Every day lunch for everyone
  • Good results

Secondary schools in Kenya participate in programs that are not included in the government’s school curriculum, but are encouraged by the government. These programs are called ‘Changemakers’ and the students have already been awarded several prizes.