Sponsor a child to school

for € 6,25 or € 12,50 per month

For 75 euro one child can go to primary school for one year. And for 150 euro one child can go to high school for one year. Research has shown that every year a child goes to school, leads to an 8% income increase later. Every child deserves this opportunity! Also when this child is born in a slum in Kenya.

Primary school

In Kenya you don’t have to pay tuition fee for primary schools owned by the government. However, children need a uniform and they have to bring their own lunch and learning materials. A lot of people in the slums can’t afford this. Moreover, the schools are located outside the slum, so children can’t walk to school. Therefore neighbourhood communities are founding schools inside the slums, without help from the government. These children (and their parents) can really use your help! With just 75 euro per year one child can go to school!

High school

For high schools in Kenya you do have to pay tuition fee. They need highly educated teachers and the requirements of the government are strict. Therefore it costs 150 euro per year per child. Unaffordable for many parents, or only affordable for one child the family. Going to high school is very important, because with just primary education the chances for a better future aren’t big enough. We want to help these children to go to school and eventually get a job. And you can help!