Sponsor a child to school

for € 6,25 or € 12,50 per month or a one-time donation

For € 75,- (€ 6,25 per month) a child can attend elementary school for a year. And for € 150 (€ 12.50 per month) a child can go to high school for a year. Research has shown that every year children attend school, they earn 8% more later.

Schooling at government elementary school is free in Kenya. However, a child must have a proper uniform and bring lunch and school materials. For many slum dwellers, this is already too much. In addition, these schools are located outside the slum so children cannot get there on foot. Therefore, neighborhood communities in the slum set up their own schools. Without any support from the government. These children (and their parents) can really use your support. For € 75 a year a child can already go to school!

Secondary schools are never free in Kenya. This requires highly trained teachers and the requirements of the government are strict. Therefore, secondary school is € 150 per year per child. Unaffordable for many parents or possible for only one of the children. While this education is badly needed, because with only an elementary school education the chances for a better future are not yet great enough. We want to help the children with education from the beginning to a job.

And you can help!