Collaboration and control

An annual budget plan of the foundation is made together with the organizations in Kenya and the Netherlands. Both parties contribute their ideas and input, which leads to the final budget pan. Together with the budget plan we prepare an action plan for the implementation. For each project we prepare to-do lists with deadlines.

A monthly cash forecast is made in Kenya based on the actual developments. After consultation, the amount needed is transferred from the Netherlands. Receipts are requested of all expenses. Every month we level the entire administration in Kenya with the planned budget and discuss it with the Netherlands.

Every week the program managers in Kenya and the Netherlands have a chat session to discuss all activities based on the prepared to-do lists. Statuses and deadlines are discussed and updated.

Cash always flows between the S4L-organisation in Nairobi. Money for the projects is always spent by the organisation in Kenya itself (not by other organisations and governments). The bought materials (furniture, lunch ingredients etc.) are subsequently given to the people in the projects. For materials, renovation and furniture we use organizations and workers who are active in the Kibera slum. In this way we also support the local economy.

Furthermore we have access to a network of Dutch people who work in Nairobi and voluntarily visit and monitor our projects. Moreover people from the Dutch organisation and board regularly visit the projects at their own expense.